Running to Mwanhala

The children at Horsell (C of E) Junior School in Woking ran a distance equal to that linking them with Mwanhala Primary School. Their aim was to raise funds so that the Mwanhala children can safely access the water in their school well. There is no running water at the school.


FUM chairman Richard Pratt visited Mwanhala Primary School and the picture shows him raising water from the school well using a bucket on the end of the rope.

This is clearly not a safe method for children to use, with a substantial risk of them falling into the well. Instead they have to walk 5km for water.

Richard's grandson at Horsell Junior School decided that they should do something to help and so the Running to Mwanhala fundraising project was born.

The aim was to raise funds to have a modern hand pump fitted to the top of the well that can be used safely by the children.

Completed Well


With the expert supervision of FUM's Clerk of Works, Mr Venance Gomegwa, the well is now complete with a child-friendly hand pump fitted.

The concrete base covers the well below and directs any spilled water away from it. There is now no risk of children falling into the well and no need to walk 5km for water.

Well done Horsell Junior School !!

How did Horsell pupils do it ?

Three times a week during the Summer Term the 360 pupils at Horsell each covered one mile around the school playing field. This gave a total distance of over 1000 miles each week and they reached Mwanhala by the end of term !

Not only did they raise money for Mwanhala children but they also improved their own fitness and this in turn Improved their mental alertness and their learning.

It was definitely a win-win situation for both groups of children.


School Fete was also an opportunity to raise funds for the project


Schools' Link There is also the possibility of establishing a more permanent link between the two schools so that the children widen their knowledge of the world and appreciate how their lives are the same in many ways yet different in others.