Fundraising is an essential activity for all charities and FUM is no exception. Our Focus on Water initiative will require around £100,000 extra

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Individual fundraising activities

Cycling_for_FUM.jpgIndividual or collective activities can be an effective and often fun way to raise funds, either for FUM's general benefit or more commonly for a particular Project.

Walking, running, swimming or cycling a challenging distance are popular ways to obtain sponsorship from family and friends, along with more esoteric activities such as a sponsored parachute or bungee jump.

Creating a Fundraising Page

The FUM Treasurer is always pleased to help fundraisers set up their own Fundraising page. Email

Charitable Trusts

As well as receiving members' subscriptions and other individual donations we have also benefited from the generosity of organisations such as The Hilden Charitable Trust, The Tanzania Development Trust, The Savannah Charitable Trust, The Kirby Laing Foundation, Rotary Clubs of Sutton Coldfield and Hawkhurst, The Friends of Nzega, The Tollemache Trust and a range of parochial church councils.