Gap Year Students

Are you a sixth form student looking for a gap year break in Africa ?
FUM has enabled many UK students to gain a stimulating placement and may be able to help.

You will know that there are many organisations keen to latch on to your enthusiasm and will provide you with a placement. You will know too that these placements are often very expensive and that in the opinion of VSO some of the projects they offer are not of great benefit to the communities they are meant to serve.

Becky_teaching_art_in_Tabora_Girls.jpgFUM is able to arrange a limited number of teaching posts in schools around the Tabora Region. We have had a lot of success with such placements which are often in quite isolated places, lasting from a few weeks to several months.

If you are a person in search of adventure, are self reliant, don’t need too many creature comforts, are prepared to be a teaching assistant and are interested in discovering the real Africa, please get in touch with FUM. We may be able to help.

We charge nothing for our help, all we do is put you in touch with a suitable school if a placement becomes available. Our liaison officers in Tabora Region will ensure that suitable arrangements are made for your accommodation and will arrange transport for you from Tabora to your school.

What does it cost you? Your travel to and from Tabora (we can help you to arrange this) and your living costs (currently £6 per day) paid to your hosts.

If you are interested please contact the Rod Smith or use the
Contact FUM form in the left column.