Cranbrook School Visits

Students from Cranbrook School in Kent have visited Tabora region every other year since 1987 with their fifteenth visit in 2015. Fundraising for projects takes place in the two years between the visits.

The 2015 visit included helping to complete FUM's Semembele Girls' Dormitory Project. As a result the dormitory will be open for the new school year and it will enable many more girls in the district to attend secondary school.

Pattern of visits

Visits take place in July/August, conveniently being the UK school holiday and also the dry season in Tanzania. They last about three weeks. The pattern of visits has evolved over the years but are now usually of the form:

  • Stopover in Dar es Salaam to acclimatise and buy any materials needed for the planned projects
  • Coach travel to Tabora with stopover at Mikumi game park for safari
  • Stay in a FDC for about a week, working on a project (often re-decorating a local classroom or clinic), visiting nearby villages and schools and getting to know the local people. Be prepared to be entertained and also be willing to entertain your hosts !!
  • Move to a more remote village, with the same pattern of activities
  • Travel back to the coast for three days relaxation by the Indian ocean at Bagamoyo, then fly back to UK from Dar es Salaam
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