Workaid specialises in refurbishing old tools donated to them in UK and then making the tools available to partners such as FUM in East Africa.

A crate of suitable tools was shipped to Dar es Salaam and distributed to our three FDCs in 2014. It included a range of handtools and some electrical tools for FDC students in woodworking, building and tailoring.

Sikonge_sewing.jpgEach FDC was provided with a dozen sewing machines, both manual and electric. These are used for their tailoring courses and also to set up small enterprises as shown here at Sikonge FDC with a school uniform business.

This provides local school children with low cost uniforms, earns the FDC students a small amount and brings in profit for the benefit of the college.

In Urambo FDC tailoring students have been learning to make bee-keeping suits to supplement the college's project making bee-hives.

Mwanhala FDC was provided with two knitting machines which they use to make pullovers for the local market.