Urambo FDC Woodworking

Urambo FDC has a strong woodworking section and welcomed the visit of professional woodwork designer Tom Davies from UK.

With a large forest close to Urambo woodworking is a traditional specialism for local craftsmen. Urambo FDC helps train students to benefit from the business opportunities in this field.

A FUM member Tom Davies is a professional designer and creator of a range of specialist wooden furniture. He also happens to be the grandson of one of FUM's founders John Gillett.

Tom volunteered to share his skills and knowledge of modern techniques with the woodwork students at Urambo FDC and his offer was taken up keenly by the tutor Mr Moses and the college principal Mr Herman Nestory.

Tom travelled to Urambo early in 2015 soon after the college had opened for the new academic year and was still recruiting students.

Tom showed the students a design of his for a lightweight stool that was of interest to them and together they worked out how to adapt it to suit the local materials and tools available.

Students were then challenged to modify the design and each had to make one for themselves.

  Read Tom's Report of his impressions at Urambo FDC

Tom Davies, Professional Woodworker in UK

  Mr Moses was a really skilled maker. He was very sharp minded and when we were working together was often one step ahead