Support and visits

How you can help our friends in Tanzania

We are grateful for the support we receive from a range of sources, for example by interested people becoming Members or by making a donation, either a general donation or one for a specific project such as the Imeli Student Sponsorship scheme.

We also greatly appreciate the support we receive from individuals and organisations beyond FUM. These include:

Technical support
by providing useful equipment, technical advice or on-site servicing in Tanzania. Read more...

Medical support
by medical and para-medical professionals visiting Tanzania and volunteering their services for a period of time, usually a few weeks. Read more...

School Links and Visits
School and College visits promoting links between UK and Tanzania has been an important aspect of FUM's rationale for over 25 years. Gap year students can also make a valuable contribution. Read more...

Tabora Group reunion
A reunion of teachers who had taught at Tabora Boys and Girls Schools over 50 years ago raised more than £4,500 for the benefit of education in Tabora Region. Read more...

Fundraising is an essential activity for all charities and FUM is no exception. Quite simply the more funds we can raise in UK the more we can help our friends in Tanzania. Read more...

What FUM can offer

Although FUM's constitution does not allow us to fund individuals visiting Tanzania we have many years of experience in providing travel advice (both to and within Tanzania), personal contacts and low-cost accommodation in our FDCs.

The accommodation is fairly basic but it is reliable and your hosts are friendly. Typical cost is £6 per day. There is a local hospital not far from each FDC.

We have on occasion arranged accommodation for research geologists and water engineers working in the area.

Accommodation in a village is also possible but these are more spartan and remote.

Please use the Contact FUM form to discuss possibilities, or email FUM Secretary Rod Smith