Imeli Student Sponsorship

Since its inception in 2004 FUM's student sponsorship scheme has focused on poor children moving on from Imeli Primary School in the centre of Nzega township when they qualify for secondary school.

The need for sponsorship

Although basic secondary education is free to all children who qualify academically their family must still provide incidentals such as school uniform and materials, a total of just £30 per annum.

But there is a significant minority of academically qualified poor and orphaned children whose families cannot manage this.

Without help these bright children are likely to remain trapped in poverty with little opportunity to improve their situation.

You can help, either by sponsoring one or more children yourself, or by gifting sponsorship to a friend or family member.


Prior to 2001 Imeli was a very run-down inner city primary school, without doubt the sink school of Nzega.

With input from FUM, Cranbrook School in Kent, Modbury Primary School in Devon and most significantly The Hilden Trust, Imeli was transformed into a thriving and successful school.

The pictures show the change between 2001 and 2010

Imeli in 2001


A thriving school but still with a need for bursaries

The Imeli catchment area still includes some of the very poorest Nzega families as well as orphaned children, often as a result of AIDS. The school improvements enable more of these pupils to qualify academically for secondary school but many are unable to afford even the modest £30 required.

In Tanzania not all students qualify for secondary school, so the ones who have places are well motivated and enthusiastic.

Now that schooling is free just £30 per year will cover the extras such as school uniform, pens, pencils and stationery.

The sponsorship scheme is organised by FUM's Education Officer, Jenny Wills
In Tanzania our good friend Mr Mhinga of Nzega District Education Department is responsible for the students selected for sponsorship.

Current and former Imeli school bursary students

Most of our sponsored students complete secondary education and enter the labour market with their life-chances greatly enhanced. A significant minority do sufficiently well to continue onto sixth form studies, with a few continuing to university like Andrew Mengi.

Andrew Mengi, former Bursary Student

  He wrote: "How are you? My name is Andrew Mengi. I am among the students who were sponsored from your Organisation of FUM (Friendship of Urambo and Mwanhala). Now am a student at University of Dar-Es-Salaam, studying for a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. Thank you for your financial support that helped me in my studies. God Bless You!!!!!!!!" Earlier Andrew had written: "Now I am a form six leaver. I completed my advanced level at Sengerema High School. …I was studying physics, chemistry and biology. In February my form six results were out and I got division three. In May I sent university applications to different universities and colleges here in Tanzania and now am waiting for the selections. What I hope for the future is to become a doctor who will be more capable of serving many people like pregnant mothers and children who are daily dying with curable diseases like malaria especially in my country and in Africa…… On behalf of my fellow students who were sponsored by FUM I send my thanks to you and all other members of FUM"