Usimba Clinic

The villagers speak highly of the services offered at the clinic, saying the Clinical Officer there works “all day every day”.

2017 update

The clinic and nearby maternity unit were in good condition with a plentiful supply of water and adequate staffing. The Primary School, as elsewhere, suffered from poor maintenance and overlarge classes



Nick Vinall
FUM Treasurer

2016 update

In November the District Medical Officer in Kaliua told FUM that there is one assistant nurse and two medical attendants and it is a very busy clinic. There are only two staff houses so actually there is a shortage of staff accommodation.

The clinic uses rain water harvesting with a concrete tank, plus a shallow well. There had been problems with the well; the cover had been removed when the pump wasn’t working. The cover has now been replaced but the DMO said a lock is needed so it is not removed again.

Jo Taylor
FUM Medical Liaison Officer

When this clinic was visited in August 2011 it was closed as the Clinical Officer was on his annual leave. The villagers however were full of praise for his dedication and hard work.

As well as ante-natal care the staff there run PMTCT clinics, which give advice on how to prevent transfer of HIV from mother to child. There is currently no nurse employed at the clinic, but the CO has some helpers from the village.

Usimba_non-functioning_well.jpgWater is a problem. When FUM Officers Frank Charles and Janeth John (pictured) visited the village they found that the well behind the clinic was dry.

It is hoped that this will be one of the places included in FUM's focus on water.

Jo Taylor
FUM Medical Liaison Officer

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