Maboha Clinic

After a period without permanent staff the clinic now has a medical officer Dr Florian and nurse Regina who give a good service with help from villagers. Their good performance was recognised by a financial award from the government.

2020 update

Bureaucratic delays mean that there has been very little progress with the government's wider scheme.

FUM has agreed to hold its contribution promised for the Maboha section.

2018 update

FUM and the local authority, Kaliua District Council, agreed to share 50:50 the cost of rebuilding the dangerous open well (see below) which has a permanent underground feed from nearby Lake Sagara. Fear of crocodiles wandering from the lake means that the village is situated 500m away, uphill. Solar power will be used to pump water up to the village and then to the clinic beyond.
However this scheme has been put on hold while the government develops a wider scheme to supply an additional four local villages with water from the lake.

2017 update

The government funds awarded mean the clinic is in good condition including the solar powered lighting. The staff houses nearby however are still in poor condition.



The big problem is water which the clinic has to buy. The closest reliable sources are nearly 2km away, namely Lake Sagara and a dangerous open well. FUM's water consultants, Mr Lucky and Mr Godfrey, together with the Kaliua district water engineer are working on an ambitious plan for a solar powered pumping system to supply water to the village and the clinic. The estimated cost of £15,000 will be shared equally between FUM and Kaliua district.



Nick Vinall
FUM Treasurer

2016 update

Maboha is still a busy clinic, run by a rather elderly nurse plus a medical attendant. Currently there is one rain water harvesting tank but it needs some renovation.There are two staff houses but they are now in a poor state and also need some renovation. Hopefully FUM can soon find some funds or sponsorship to finance these refurbishments.

Jo Taylor
FUM Medical Liaison Officer


The clinic serves a population of 1200+, with 40% of these being under 5 years old . There are approximately 8 deliveries per month, and about 20 patients visit the clinic each day.

The nurse offers HIV testing for pregnant women, though there were no test kits in stock when the clinic was visited. But there is no follow up advice and counselling at Maboha, HIV +ve mums would have to travel to Urambo for this support.

The clinic does offer contraceptive advice though, and provides condoms and hormone pills and injections, plus advice on safer sex and proper condom use.

The clinic has a gas fridge, but had no gas at the time of the visit. This was later reported to the DMO at the District Hospital who was aware of the shortage and said gas would be delivered soon.

The nurse has a bicycle for outreach work, and the clinic has a tank for rain water harvesting. The clinic appeared slightly shabby, but it was definitely functioning, and seen as a huge benefit to this rather remote village.

Jo Taylor
FUM Medical Liaison Officer

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