Sikonge FDC

Sikonge was the last of the three FDCs to be supported by FUM, in 2004. It is smaller than the other two but still offers a good range of courses.

2021 update
The college has recovered well from the effects of the fire and is now back to full effectiveness under Mr Enoch's leadership.

A recent development is the production of steel furniture by metalwork students. Its sale locally provides a useful boost to college income and also gives students valuable insight into business practices. FUM helped provide the initial stock of steel.


FUM has also provided a motorbike for college use locally.

2019 update


October Rebuilding work started recently with the Administration Block. This is good news indeed.

The new Principal at Sikonge FDC, Mr Enoch Joseph, took up his post in January. By chance he has come from Sengerama FDC, to which Mr Nestory has transferred from Urambo.

We thank his predecessor Mr Shilinde for his time as Acting Principal at a difficult time for the college.

We hope to receive photos from Mr Enoch now that work has started on re-building the Administration Block

2018 update

Government responsibility for FDCs has now passed to the Ministry of Education from the Ministry of Community Affairs. Early in 2018 the decision was made to rebuild the Administration Block that was destroyed by the fire in August 2017 and Acting Principal, Mr Shilinde, said that work will start in February but in fact it was delayed and has still not started.

Major fire at Sikonge

The FDC Administration Block was destroyed by a fire that started around 2 a.m. on 26 August 2017. An electrical fault is suspected but an official investigation is underway.

The principal Mr Luambano is suspended during the investigation and the college is in the capable hands of Acting Principal Mr Shilinde.



When FUM Treasurer Nick Vinall visited three weeks later he was impressed by the determination of the College Board and all the staff to maintain teaching and the curriculum, especially for students with important exams before Christmas. As a result FUM paid the student bursaries that had been suspended soon after the fire while we awaited more information.

Additional water resources were funded to replace those destroyed as a result of the fire.

Other news 2017

New water supply The FDC has long been troubled by poor access to clean water, being dependent on unreliable shallow wells and rainwater harvesting. But that has now changed radically, with help from the local water 'boss' Mr Benjamin Brighton.

Two developments were funded were funded by FUM:

  • The FDC has now been connected to the improved town water supply. Water meters have been installed so that the FDC, the Principal's and staff houses are metered separately and each pays for its own usage.
  • To help reduce the metered supply costs the existing but slightly dilapidated rainwater harvesting system is being refurbished and extended. This water is available free to all at the college.



The College principal Mr Deo Luambano has needed to be resourceful in creating money-making projects to supplement the income received from government. Sikonge offers their main hall for seminars which brings an income of TShs 30,000 (£10) on each occasion.


The kindergarten, housed in a building partly funded by Cranbrook School in 2013, has become a big success, due in great part to the skill and enthusiasm of the teacher.

Each child gets breakfast when they arrive in the morning.

Other news
The college motor bike has been repaired, a great help when visiting villages during recruitment of students. This was successful, with ten students from poor families receiving support from FUM

The college small holding has been planted and it is hoped that the rains will be sufficient to give a good harvest.

Di Cooper
FDC Co-ordinator

Prior to his transfer in December 2014 the then Principal Mr Mguba had introduced more modern courses in domestic electrical installation and computer skills, both more relevant for students seeking employment in the local economy.

The Acting Principal was keen to continue these courses but there are frequent problems due to the unreliable electricity supply to the college. The laptop computers supplied by FUM are well used and the battery packs conveniently take over when the power goes off. Internet access via a mobile dongle is slow and unreliable so is limited to sending and receiving emails.


The good quality sewing machines supplied by Workaid in 2014 are well used, with the treadle ones especially useful when the power goes off.

Tailoring students help develop their skills by making low cost uniforms for local primary school children. Both the students and the college benefit from the income generated.