Folk Development Colleges

Folk Development Colleges (FDCs) provide vocational training for students in largely rural areas.
FUM supports the three FDCs in Tabora Region, at Urambo, Mwanhala and Sikonge, including support with bursaries for poor students.

Traditional FDC courses included agriculture, woodwork, tailoring, motor mechanics, masonry and brickwork. The gradual spread of mains electricity in Tabora Region has resulted in additional FDC courses being introduced such as domestic electrical installation and computer skills. These increase the employment opportunities for FDC students, a key aim for the colleges.

A short report on each college

Urambo FDC
The Principal Mr Elias Gulmay is very good at keeping FUM up to date with developments at Urambo FDC. Good performance meant the college was selected by the Government for a major upgrade in 2019 and this is underway. Read more....

Mwanhala FDC
Mama Malyeli, our long time friend retired after many years' service as Principal. Since 2016 the college has been run by the energetic new Principal Mr Mwadua. Read more....

Sikonge FDC
A major fire during the night of 26 August 2017 destroyed the Administration Block at the college. An electrical fault was suspected.. Rebuilding work by the Government began in 2019. Read more....