Cranbrook Tanzania Reunion Dinner

The Reunion Dinner was for all who supported or joined a Cranbrook School expedition to Tanzania, 1984 - 2015. Partners and parents were welcome.

It was held at London Beach Hotel, Tenterden, Friday 21st April 2017.

Guest of honour was planned to be Neema Malyeli who, as Principal of Mwanhala FDC, hosted the great majority of those who went to Tanzania. Unfortunately, for some bizarre and inexplicable reason, the UK immigration service refused her a visa so she was unable to attend, a great disappointment for all present.



The reunion was a great chance to recall and exchange memories of particpants' (possibly life changing) trips to Tanzania and to renew friendships with those who accompanied them.

Thanks to the generosity of the Old Cranbrookian Society, who decided late on to pay for the meal, FUM can now claim Gift Aid on particpants' donations.

And the London Beach Charity Scheme (founded by OC and former Test cricketer Phil Edmonds) meant that the cost of the meals was donated to the FUM Jubilee Appeal.

Overall the evening raised nearly £2,500 to help improve water supplies in Tabora Region. It was a wonderful effort and received a very big 'asante sana' from FUM.

Even if you missed the event it is still possible to make a voluntary donation (eligible for Gift Aid) to the FUM Jubilee Appeal, click here, or donate via PayPal below. You could also become a member of FUM as some students have done.

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