'Focus on Water' Jubilee Appeal Success

The water supply in rural areas is becoming increasingly problematic.
The success of our Jubilee Appeal is improving the situation for our sites

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Your Legacy Can Become Their Future...

Including a gift in your Will is a simple way of helping people,
especially children, in the Tabora Region of Tanzania.

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Semembela girls' dormitory opens

.. and enables many more girls to attend secondary school

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£30 a year for Secondary Education?

In the UK we consider Secondary School Education to be a right.
Children in third world countries are not so lucky.

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Urambo Hospital developments

Three UK doctors were welcomed for a 6 week placement
and two new maternity delivery beds arrived

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Friends of Urambo & Mwanhala

Linking the Tabora Region of Tanzania with the UK

The Friends of Urambo and Mwanhala is a small charity working in the Tabora Region of Tanzania, specifically in the Districts of Nzega, Sikonge and Urambo. We are an association of friends who each give money to support our projects in Tanzania. From time to time we receive support from other organisations to help with specific projects.

Our main areas of interest are: education, health and water.

We are concerned with advancing the development of the people of the Tabora Region and also with educating people in the UK, including how they can become involved. To that end we not only provide funds for projects in Tanzania but also facilitate visits to Tabora Region by professionals, student groups and individuals.

FUM has operated in the Tabora Region for more than fifty years and has developed a good working relationship with the Tanzanian Government. The Regional Commissioner, Tabora is our Honorary President in Tanzania and the district authorities have appointed FUM coordinators in each of the districts.

FUM is a very cost effective organisation. All its officers are volunteers and as a result we have very low administration costs with more than 95% of donations spent on projects.

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